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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2021Coherence and its role in excitation energy transfer in Fenna-Matthews-Olson complexSingh, D.; Dasgupta, S.
25-Nov-2022Development of a multicellular 3D tumor model to study cellular heterogeneity and plasticity in NSCLC tumor microenvironmentArora, L.; Kalia, M.; Dasgupta, S.; Singh, N.; Verma, A.K.; Pal, D.
18-Nov-2016Estimation of temporal separation of slow light pulses in atomic vapors by weak measurementKumar, P.; Dasgupta, S.
22-Jul-2021Finite-time performance of a single-ion quantum Otto engineChand, S.; Dasgupta, S.; Biswas, A.
11-Mar-2020Generation of non-classical states of photons from a metal–dielectric interface: a novel architecture for quantum information processingMehta, K.; Achanta, V.G.; Dasgupta, S.
28-Aug-2021Generation of non-classical states of photons from metal-dielectric interface: a novel architecture for quantum information processingMehta, K.; Dasgupta, S.
29-Nov-2016Highly efficient biexciton preparation for quantum-dot entangled photon generationBensky, G.; Nair, S.V.; Ruda, H.E.; Dasgupta, S.; Kurizki, G.
17-Dec-2020Importance of intermonomer couplings of the FMO complex in coherently initiated dynamicsSingh, D.; Dasgupta, S.
30-Aug-2018Inflammation-induced mTORC2-Akt-mTORC1 signaling promotes macrophage foam cell formationBanerjee, D.; Sinha, A.; Saikia, S.; Gogoi, B.; Rathore, B.; Das, A.S.; Pal, D.; Buragohain, A.K.; Dasgupta, S.
15-Nov-2016Light deflection by light: Effect of incidence angle and inhomogeneityKumar, P.; Dasgupta, S.
20-Jul-2022Lipid-induced monokine cyclophilin-A promotes adipose tissue dysfunction implementing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in zebrafish and mice models of obesityBanerjee, D.; Patra, D.; Sinha, A.; Roy, S.; Pant, R.; Sarmah, R.; Dutta, R.; Kanta Bhagabati, S.; Tikoo, K.; Pal, D.; Dasgupta, S.
21-Jul-2022Novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in non-small cell lung cancer by activating NADPH oxidase mediated oxidative stressBhavya, K.; Mantipally, M.; Roy, S.; Arora, L.; Badavath, V.N.; Gangireddy, M.; Dasgupta, S.; Gundla, R.; Pal, D.
16-Nov-2016Optical switching and bistability in four-level atomic systemsKumar, P.; Dasgupta, S.
15-Nov-2021Optomechanical isolation with tunable center frequencyWaghela, C.; Dasgupta, S.
13-Nov-2018Population trapping in the excited states using vacuum-induced coherence and adiabatic processKumawat, B.L.; Kumar, P.; Dasgupta, S.
17-Nov-2016Probing vacuum-induced coherence via magneto-optical rotation in molecular systemsKumar, P.; Deb, B.; Dasgupta, S.
26-Jun-2022Quantum interference effect in plasmonic transmission in the presence of quantum emittersMehta, K.; Dasgupta, S.
25-Aug-2021Role of coherence in excitation transfer efficiency to the reaction center in photosynthetic bacteria chlorobium tepidumSingh, D.; Dasgupta, S.
22-Nov-2016Sharply tunable group velocity in alkali vapors using a single low-power control fieldKumar, P.; Dasgupta, S.