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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2021Cutaneous epithelial to mesenchymal transition activator ZEB1 regulates wound angiogenesis and closure in a glycemic status–dependent mannerSingh, K.; Sinha, M.; Pal, D.; Tabasum, S.; Gnyawali, S. C.; Khona, D.; Sarkar, S.; Mohanty, S. K.; Gonzalez, F. S.; Khanna, S.; Roy, S.; Sen, C. K.
25-Nov-2022Development of a multicellular 3D tumor model to study cellular heterogeneity and plasticity in NSCLC tumor microenvironmentArora, L.; Kalia, M.; Dasgupta, S.; Singh, N.; Verma, A.K.; Pal, D.
25-Oct-2021Dexamethasone-loaded, injectable pullulan-poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels for bone tissue regeneration in chronic inflammatory conditionsChauhan, N.; Gupta, P.; Arora, L.; Pal, D.; Singh, Y.
27-Oct-2022Genome-wide DNA hypermethylation opposes healing in patients with chronic wounds by impairing epithelialmesenchymal transitionSingh, K.; Roy, S.; Sen, C. K.; Rustag, Y.; Abouhashem, A.S.; Tabasum, S.; Verma, P.; Hernandez, E.; Khona, D.K.; Pal, D.; Mohanty, S.K.; Kumar, M.; Srivastava, R.; Guda, P.R.; Verma, S.S.; Mahajan, S.; Killian, J.A.; Walker, L. A.; Ghatak, S.; Mathew-Steiner, S.S.; Wanczyk, K.E.; Liu, S.; Wan, J.; Yan, P.; Bundschuh, R.; Khanna, G. M.; Murphy, M.P.
11-May-2024Identification of a physiologic vasculogenic fibroblast state to achieve tissue repairPal, D.; Ghatak, S.; Singh, K.; Abouhashem, A.S.; Kumar, M.; S El Masry, M.; Mohanty, S.K.; Palakurti, R.; Rustagi, Y.; Tabasum, S.; Khona, D.K.; Khanna, S.; Kacar, S.; Srivastava, R.; Bhasme, P.; Verma, S.S.; Hernandez, E.; Sharma, A.; Reese, D.; Verma, P.; Ghosh, N.; Gorain, M.; Wan, J.; Liu, S.; Sen, C.K.
30-Aug-2018Inflammation-induced mTORC2-Akt-mTORC1 signaling promotes macrophage foam cell formationBanerjee, D.; Sinha, A.; Saikia, S.; Gogoi, B.; Rathore, B.; Das, A.S.; Pal, D.; Buragohain, A.K.; Dasgupta, S.
20-Jul-2022Lipid-induced monokine cyclophilin-A promotes adipose tissue dysfunction implementing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in zebrafish and mice models of obesityBanerjee, D.; Patra, D.; Sinha, A.; Roy, S.; Pant, R.; Sarmah, R.; Dutta, R.; Kanta Bhagabati, S.; Tikoo, K.; Pal, D.; Dasgupta, S.
21-Jul-2022Novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivatives induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in non-small cell lung cancer by activating NADPH oxidase mediated oxidative stressBhavya, K.; Mantipally, M.; Roy, S.; Arora, L.; Badavath, V.N.; Gangireddy, M.; Dasgupta, S.; Gundla, R.; Pal, D.
22-Jul-2021Remodeling of stromal cells and immune landscape in microenvironment during tumor progressionArora, L.; Pal, D.
12-Jun-2021Two-dimensional MoS2-based electrochemical biosensor for highly selective detection of glutathioneRawat, B.; Mishra, K. K.; Barman, U.; Arora, L.; Pal, D.; Paily, R. P.