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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Experimental Investigation on Elastic Spring Back in Deformation Machining Bending ModeSingh, A.
13-Mar-2016Tribological characteristics of A356 Al alloy–SiCP composite discsSurappa, M.K; Shivamurthy, R.C.
12-Apr-2016Structure–property relations in bulk metallic Cu–Zr–Al alloysBarekar, N.S.; Pauly, S.; Kumar, R.B.; Kuhn, U.; Dhindaw, B.K.; Eckert, J.
12-May-2016Accelerated hot corrosion studies of cold spray Ni–50Cr coating on boiler steelsBala, N.; Singh, H.; Prakash, S.
12-May-2016Eco-friendly and morphologically-controlled synthesis of porous CeO2 microstructure and its application in water purificationSrivastava, R.
12-May-2016Ratiometric fluorescent determination of Zn(II): a new class of tripodal receptor using mixed imine and amide linkagesLee, D.Y.; Singh, N.; Kim, M.J.; Jang, D.O.
12-May-2016A benzthiazole-based tripodal chemosensor for Ba2+ recognition under biological conditionsSaluja, P.; Kaur, N.; Singh, N.; Jang, D.O.
12-May-2016Single sensor for multiple analytes: chromogenic detection of I− and fluorescent detection of Fe3+Jung, H.J.; Lee, D.Y.; Jang, D.O.
12-May-2016Simulation of cooling of liquid Al–33 wt.% Cu droplet impinging on a metallic substrate and its experimental validationKumar, A.; Ghosh, S.; Dhindaw, B.K.
12-May-2016Catalytic activity of dual metal cyanide complex in multi-component coupling reactionsRavindran, A.; Srivastava, R.
12-May-2016An azo dye-coupled tripodal chromogenic sensor for cyanideLee, D.Y.; Singh, N.; Satyender, A.; Jang, D.O.
13-May-2016Surface engineering analysis of detonation-gun sprayed Cr3C2–NiCr coating under high-temperature oxidation and oxidation–erosion environmentsKaur, M.; Singh, H.; Prakash, S.
13-May-2016Tetrapodal receptors for selective fluorescent sensing of AMP: analyte-induced conformational restriction to persuade fluorescence enhancementSingh, N.; Jang, D.O.
13-May-2016Morphologically controlled synthesis of copper oxides and their catalytic applications in the synthesis of propargylamine and oxidative degradation of methylene blueSrivastava, R.; Anuprathap, M.U.; Kore, R.
13-May-2016Fine tuning of a solvatochromic fluorophore for selective determination of Fe3+: a new type of benzimidazole-based anthracene-coupled receptorLee, D.Y.; Singh, N.; Jang, D.O.
13-May-2016A benzimidazole-based fluorescent sensor for Cu2+ and its complex with a phosphate anion formed through a Cu2+ displacement approachSaluja, P.; Kaur, N.; Singh, N.; Jang, D.O.
13-May-2016Synthesis and applications of novel imidazole and benzimidazole based sulfonic acid group functionalized Brönsted acidic ionic liquid catalystsKore, R.; Srivastava, R.
13-May-2016Synthesis of nanoporous metal oxides through the self-assembly of phloroglucinol–formaldehyde resol and tri-block copolymerSrivastava, R.; Anuprathap, M.U.
13-May-2016Synthesis and applications of highly efficient, reusable, sulfonic acid group functionalized Brönsted acidic ionic liquid catalystsSrivastava, R.; Kore, R.
13-May-2016Investigation on wear behaviour of cryogenically treated TiAlN coated tungsten carbide inserts in turningGill, S.S.; Singh, J.; Singh, H.; Singh, R.