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  • Kumar, A. (iitrpr, 2016-10-09)
  • Das, R.; Kumar, A.; Patel, A.; Vijay, S.; Saurabh, S.; Kumar, N. (2017-06-20)
    In light of recent focus on the behaviour of the natural structures for revolutionary technological growth, spider web seems to have seized considerable attention of product designer due to its amazing behaviour. In ...
  • Sarkar, P.; Chakrabarti, A. (2017-06-20)
    A variety of models of design and idea generation exist; yet, the exact process of idea generation is still only vaguely understood. In this paper, we propose a model of the idea generation process and make a number of ...
  • Kaur, K.; Khan, M. (2017-06-20)
    Let U(FG) denotes the unit group of FG. In this article, we compute the order of U(F(G ⋉ C2 n )) in terms of the order of U(FG) for an arbitrary nite group G, where C2 n is the cyclic group of order 2n and F is a nite ...
  • Ugale, B.; Dhankhar, S.S.; Nagaraja, C.M. (2017-06-20)
    Three new metal−organic frameworks (MOFs) of Co(II), [{Co(muco)(bpa)(2H2O)}·2H2O]n (1), [{Co(muco)- (azopy)}·H2O]n (2), and [{Co(muco)(4bpdp)}·2DMF·H2O]n (3) (where, muco = trans, trans-muconate dianion, bpa = ...

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