A fluorescent “turn-on” sensor for the biologically active Zn2+ ion

Show simple item record Tayade, K. Sahoo, S.K. Chopra, S. Singh, N. Bondhopadhyay, B. Basu, A. Patil, N. Attarde, S. Kuwar, A. 2016-08-11T06:50:52Z 2016-08-11T06:50:52Z 2016-08-11
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dc.description.abstract A linear Schiff-based receptor (L) containing two imino phenol units was developed for the selective fluorescent sensing of Zn2+ with a discriminating enhancement of 12-folds over the other surveyed cations. Within the huge plethora of Zn2+ receptors, this receptor is quite worth to mention because of its simple synthesis, low cost, no interference of Cd2+ and the judicious response availed with discernment. The spectroscopic (UV–Vis, fluorescence and mass) results, few mathematical models for determining analytical parameters such as binding constant (Ka), binding stoichiometry, detection limit, etc. and the frontier molecular orbitals were analyzed to explore the sensing ability of L and the mechanism. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject Fluorescent ‘turn-on’ sensor en_US
dc.subject Zn2+ en_US
dc.subject Schiff base en_US
dc.subject DFT en_US
dc.title A fluorescent “turn-on” sensor for the biologically active Zn2+ ion en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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